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Privacy Policy

Marketing International. wants to provide you with the best possible web browsing experience. Part of that experience is the security in knowing that any information you give us will remain private. We go to great lengths to ensure your privacy within any given part of our site.

Use of Personal Information: Marketing International will not gather your personal information without your permission. We will not link your IP address to anything identifiable. All browsing on our site is done anonymously. If personal information is required for any reason, that information will be used solely by Marketing International and its business partners. This information can only be taken if you voluntarily choose to give it to us. At no time will we sell personal information, or make it otherwise available to any third party companies.

Some features within the Marketing International web site may require personal information to log in or access those specific features. If you do not want to submit that information, those areas may be unavailable for use. We obtain this information only for safety and security reasons. 

Adherence to Guidelines: If you feel that  Marketing International Group has not adhered to the above policy, please notify us at info@marketing-intl.com, and we will work to determine the problem and correct it, accordingly.


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