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About Us

Marketing International is a highly focused marketing strategy and execution firm that specializes in helping technology companies get the most out of business partner-based business models.  This includes companies looking to:

  • Recruit and manage third party Channel Partners selling and/or servicing their products.
  • Provide marketing program assistance in order to optimize channel partner effectiveness.
  • Market and sell more through Strategic Partnerships that have complementary products and services.
  • Maximize their ability to market, distribute and provide services as an independent business partner in conjunction with an OEM vendor.

Traditionally, many companies have understood the economies of scale and potential value of forming strategic partnerships and/or recruiting channel partners to help distribute and service their products.  Unfortunately, it is often ineffective to apply traditional sales and marketing methodologies in order to realize the full potential of these relationships.   

Although there may be sincere interest by both parties to achieve the goals set forth at the signing of an agreement, the real work has just begun.  Each party still has its own core company objectives that may be in conflict with the core goals of the other party.   In order to ensure both parties are able to realize the collective goal, you must manage the process each step of the way.   As an independent organization, Marketing International is able to step back and provide valuable perspective and an unbiased view of a partner strategy.  As an organization that has experience on both sides of the partner model, Marketing International brings a unique perspective to the table.  Some of the typical activities MI assists with include:

  • Strategic partner sourcing and contract negotiations
  • Channel Partner recruiting and territory assignment strategies
  • Structured sales process methodologies
  • Marketing branding and awareness programs to help unify an independent channel
  • Channel lead Generation and fulfillment programs
  • Marketing plans and budget development
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer reference and loyalty programs
  • Partner marketing material design

Marketing International clients have often commented on our management style and consulting philosophy after working with us on a project.  As opposed to the traditional “evaluation/recommendation” approach, MI uses a participative, broad-based approach which helps the client achieve successful results.  Progressive steps are taken to leverage the combined talents of both the consultant and client.  Some examples include:

  • MI serves as a creative catalyst for the project with new ideas.
  • MI conducts in-depth interviews with the key people involved.
  • MI takes a proactive, hands-on approach to the project.
  • MI helps to build the project team and keep it focused on the results.
  • MI helps to develop a fine tuned strategy encompassing Product, Customer, and Competition.
  • MI works at all levels to help coordinate an optimal team effort.
  • MI operates as an “inside” team member rather than an “outside” consultant.
  • MI follows through on implementations to ensure on-going success.


Marketing International was founded in January 1973 by Executives from IBM, Xerox and Control Data, led by George W. Rich to undertake new business development and marketing projects for technology-driven companies who needed to strengthen sales and marketing.

Unlike most management consulting firms, MI sought clients who wanted more than advice or short duration studies; it preferred to work on results-oriented projects for two or three years that would result in successful sales to implement new strategies, launch new products or enter new markets.  MI projects have been evenly split between Fortune 500 industry leaders and new start-up type companies in all aspects of information technology.  The international component of our work, as in our name, has also approximated a 50/50 split with our domestic U.S. projects.  Worldwide strategies and operations are common within large corporations, however smaller, younger companies are usually looking for strategic alliances with overseas partners to expand their markets.

The philosophy of Marketing International is one of teaming-up with the client’s management and key employees to achieve a strategic goal through a combination of good planning and good execution.  Unlike most marketing consulting firms, execution of the plan is just as important as developing a strategy.

Today, Marketing International has broadened its services to include the execution of program materials.  MI continues to focus on the technology sector with a specialization in channel partner based strategies and strategic alliances.


Recent Customers:  Some of most recent projects include: 

  • Refinement and packaging of best practices for Sales, Marketing and Implementation methodologies for a channel organization.
  • Company re-branding
  • Marketing strategy and marketing program planning
  • Marketing budget planning






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